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Craig Mason… A Bankrupt (Again)

Well there is a surprise… nice trick to get around paying his debts, including the $170K defamation court judgement in Springs favour. 
Mason has been adjudicated bankrupt from a 2022 case in the Auckland High Court – not by Marc Spring, but by someone else.
Sadly, the court judgement is not online, but as soon as we get a copy, we will publish the details.
It appears its not the first time Mason has been a bankrupt … what did Gary Periam know? 
Periam has now blocked Spring from his various devices and emails as he can’t handle the questions and the truth. It appears Periam is now feigning mental illness. 
Spring says “I have contacted the Official Assignee to see what has gone on here”. 
Meanwhile the tax payer suffers with Mason on the Job Seeker program. 
More to come as this disturbing story unfolds… 
*** Spring was successful being self represented in the High Court winning his defamation claim V Craig Mason, and Spring was also sucessful in obtaining a restraining order against Craig Mason. 
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