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The Ongoing Tax Payer Funded Upkeep of Jacinda Ardern

On January 6th, 2024 this site lodged an OIA with the NZ Police asking questions about how much tax payer funding was being spent for the continued protection of ex PM, Jacinda Ardern. 
What has come to light is that the “Christchurch Call” could be a ‘front’ for the government to hide the expenses for Ardern’s ongoing security detail at the expense of the long suffering tax payer. 
Current PM, Christopher Luxon, for some reason decided to extend the “Christchurch Call” funding in favour of Jacinda Ardern. 
The response to our OIA, from Superintendent Penelope Gifford (Director Tactical Operations) states ‘it’s part of openess and transparency’, yet it seems to be very much the opposite. 
Its clear to us that tax payers are still funding the security of ex PM, Jacinda Ardern.
The usual excuses from the NZ Police include section 6(c), section 6 (d), and section 9(2)(c)… they don’t want us to know.
We can translate that to ‘we are hiding the costs’. 
They did say we could complain to the Ombudsman… Pffttt 
The best way to look at this is by asking when has there ever been another ex PM who needed so much protection? … The answer is never. 
The Ardern era will cost kiwis for a long time to come. 
Maybe our saving grace is according to Superintendent Penelope Gifford (Director Tactical Operations) an anonymised version of this response may be released to the NZ public. 
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