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David Seymour at Waitangi

It’s been an interesting few days so far up here in the north at Waitangi.
David Seymour attended the Iwi Chiefs meeting to pitch his “Treaty Principles” bill.
We’ve been fortunate to talk with a source who attended the Iwi meeting, and we asked about how well Seymour was received.
Our source said “actually pretty well, he stood up and held his ground better than we thought he would”.
Tomorrow will be interesting for Seymour as the Hikoi will arrive at Waitangi – the protestors will no doubt be vocal. 
NZ has always allowed a persons right to protest. Let’s hope tomorrow remains peaceful as violence will solve nothing. 
What is abundantly clear is that Labour and Greens have overestimated their popularity with Ngapuhi given the comments of Hone Sadler that were directly aimed at Chris Hipkins.
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