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Jacinda Ardern at Waitangi

With all the coverage by MSM on this years Waitangi Day activities, the so called MSM seemed to have forgotten Ardern’s pledge to Maori when attending Waitangi on her first visit as PM.

Ardern said she expects to return to Waitangi “no matter what” after a peaceful powhiri on her first appearance as Prime Minister.

Speaking during the powhiri at the upper marae, Ardern pledged to return to Waitangi and asked those present to hold her to account for her promises when she did.

“Hold us to account. Because one day I want to be able to tell my child that I earned the right to stand here”.

“Only you can tell me when I have done that.”

Well we know Ardern delivered nothing for Maori, except worse outcomes across almost every single indicator.
No wonder Hipkins didn’t bother to turn up as leader of opposition on Waitangi Day as he does not want to be held to account either.
You won’t hear any of the MSM holding Ardern to account either. 
I wonder what Ardern is telling her child now?
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