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The Radicals Miss the Point

From a Maori perspective, NZ is headed in a direction that could see them marginalised even more. But not by Pakeha. 
As NZ’s immigration ramps up, it looks like the ‘new kiwis’ will be Chinese and Indian. Chinese in particular. Sure they bring money, and we need it.  
But how long until Maori are left behind by the fact that immigrants end up making more of an overall percentage of the population than they do?
In 2023 Maori was between 16 and 17% of the population , with Asians around 15%.
How long until Asians surpass Maori as a bigger percentage of the population?
If National had its way with its ill advised Chinese $2m home buyers club tax, we would see Chinese surpass Maori in the next year or so.
Will the Asian community start making more demands on the NZ government based on population percentage, thus NZ navigating a more difficult political landscape?
The radicals are missing key indicators.
Shane Jones…  “I’m horrified by the prospect, by 2040 there could be 7 million people living in NZ. So if Iwi are concerned…about what they sense is marginalisation, how come no Iwi leader is standing with me and challenging the mass immigration that is coming into NZ?”
It’s not about where our immigrants hail from, it’s how it could direct the politics of our nation, and the effects on both Maori and Pakeha.
It’s become increasingly obvious that Shane Jones and Winston Peters have seen this coming for years. 
It’s time for NZ to wake up and realise that fact.
These new age radicals are not creating better outcomes. 
NZ needs investment, but it also needs to realise that what’s going on with Maori and Pakeha is no longer sustainable.
The more the racial and political environment goes on, the more, in our view, NZ First is the way forward. 
One must not forget that NZ does not have the housing to enable better outcomes for kiwis if we keep selling off houses to immigrants. 
Sadly the past 30 years of government has caught us all out. 
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