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Raving Green Looney

Many people have been highly critical of Q+A host Jack Tame, and more often than not, rightly so. His left leaning stance never goes unnoticed. 
Today however, he must have had some concrete pills to harden up prior to his interview with raving Green Party looney, Chloe Swarbrick.
For the most part Tame pulled no punches, and Swarbrick did not disappoint us in showing just exactly who she really is.
Frankly for democracy in NZ it’s quite frightening.
Swarbrick is not the MP that Auckland Central deserves, she is a vile activist who should NOT be anywhere near NZ politics. 
We would suggest if she’s so obsessed with the issues in the Middle East, she should leave NZ immediately … she won’t be missed. 
Crime is out of control in her electorate, and we find out that a Jewish school voiced its concerns about her “river to the sea” chant which saw Swarbrick hauled before the Human Rights Commission. 
Swarbrick is clearly antisemitic. 
The Green Party are about to reveal much about themselves, and those who are members and part of voting process if Chloe is elected co leader of the Greens.
How any political party can be accepting of someone like Swarbrick as its co leader is beyond us. 
This morning’s tirade on Q&A was nothing more than a rant on her ideology of hate. 
Her constant use of the phrase “let me unpack that for you” was rather amusing… one of her many diversionary excuses.
Let us “unpack” Chloe’s interview – 
She’s against hate speech… unless it’s her. (In 2019 she campaigned on hate speech)
She’s for debate on culture… unless it is about something she’s does not like.
She’s for reaching across political aisle… but it only applies to other side.
She’s for transparency… but just not for her.
She can’t remember… if it’s embarrassing for her.
The massive drop in the latest poll clearly shows that Swarbrick is not popular amongst the voting public … maybe that’s her silence on the Ghahraman shoplifting debacle. 

It’s time to send Chloe Swarbrick packing. 
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