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Labour Party Leadership

After the crushing defeat at the last election with Chris Hipkins at the helm, there is always going to be speculation and rumblings about a bid to remove the incumbent with someone who can breathe some much needed new life into the party.
The problem is the Labour is lost.
Hipkins appeared to be more centre left, while others within the party made it known they wanted to head much further to the left. 
Clearly the overall direction of the Labour Party is an undecided one. 
Our source from inside Labour tells us that nobody wants the leader’s role, as Labour internally have already conceded that they have zero chance at the next election, and likely the election after that also. 
We all know that anyone taking over the leadership now will likely never have a shot at being the PM as once a new leader loses at an election, they are usually rolled soon after.
So for now, Hipkins has a job he probably no longer wants, and he has nobody who wants his job.
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