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When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Fact?

From X:

The media in NZ have all colluded in a conspiracy that goes much deeper than just the PIJF bribe. The below information will explain a lot of the activism that infests NZ’s woke Fourth Estate.

You may remember last year Family First wanted to run a full page advert in 6 NZ papers, with a picture of a girl and her mum – with the words “What is a Woman?”

All 6 papers (owned by Stuff, NZME, Allied Press) canned the ad from running at the last minute – with one paper actually telling Family First that the media companies had discussed the ads with each other and all decided it was too “contentious”. If the ad was the same but had a picture of a bloke in a dress, you could guarantee that the ad would have run, and probably at discount.

Last week we have heard that Mark Jennings had spoken to other heads of Media to discuss whether they should report Winston Peters PIJF bribe claim.

This is chilling stuff, this is how democracy is stifled.

Last year I tweeted about a story no one in the MSM gave much attention to, but they should have. Because it was about them and their decision to work together to blacklist advertisers who did not conform to what they deemed suitable. This is DEI ~ ESG in all it’s fascist glory.

Last October a panel led by Newshub journo Michael Morrah, and included The Herald Editor Shayne Currie, and Nadia Tolich from Stuff digital met to discuss a global initiative.The panel was put together by global woke advertising Company GroupM. GroupM has a programme called “back to news” a programme that “encourages credible news outlets to only advertise ESG~DEI compliant companies and services”. GroupM claims it controls over 60billion of ad spend globally, and states that is more important than ever for Media companies to only work with the “right” and “safe” brands, to help counter that old chestnut “misinformation”.

GroupM explained that the Ukraine war, and the pandemic illustrates why media companies need to sign up to their “back to news” initiative.

This is why Family Firsts ‘what is a Woman’ campaign was cancelled, and this is why media were considering cancelling our deputy PM, this is why every ad on tv has some big brown bloke with a small white wife, and this is why today we learned that Newshub and TVNZ had been in talks about joining forces.

Over 25 NZ media outlets have signed this “back to news’ initiative or pact – to only allow advertising of woke and ESG/DEI worshipping clients. It’s all very dangerous, and explains why we do actually need state owned Media, but state owned media with clear enforceable guidelines.

Of the 25 outlets in NZ to sign onto GroupM’s Back to News agreement some usual suspects appear:

Business Desk

And we wonder why our media are just a pack of left activists with their identical narratives … oh and guess who owns GroupM? – Internews Ads, a “sustainable and ethical” responsible advertising advocacy company…. Founded by – The World Economic Forum. Tadaa!

Links : GroupM

GroupM NZ Article


Family Firsts video about media collusion:

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