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Jacinda Ain’t No Hero

Just when you thought it could not get any worse than Jacinda Ardern being given a Damehood, it has. 
On the weekend we learned that the tax payer is now contributing to Jacinda Ardern – the movie. 
So after 5 and a bit years of her tenure as Prime Minister of NZ, we now will get a fictional account to suit her narrative on what she achieved.
Based on her achievements it should be a short movie, but it wont be, it will be a long drawn out narration of how the left want her to be remembered. 
No doubt full of the ‘podium of truth’, and ’single source of truth’, with the usual well rehearsed crap that somehow saw her become a global phenomenon.
In a time of global change, and in a time that the narrative she pushed, which is now being day after day proven to be anything but the truth, the poor long suffering tax payer has been saddled with an $800K burden to assist on the making of another C grade Sunday night special.
The last load of nonsense produced locally that is comparable was the highly embarassing, and weak acted story called Princess of Chaos…. The story of the bird who banged the Auckland Mayor. 
No doubt a host of washed up local talent will be vying for the main roles.  

Something to think about… the Chair of the Film Commission is also the Chair of TVNZ – Alastair Carruthers. No surprise he was at the Arderns wedding.
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