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The Court Must Send a Strong Message in the Golriz Case

With Ms Ghahraman having now pled guilty, in albeit slightly bizarre circumstances (we will get to that), already her fanboys and fangirls are all calling for her to escape any sort of conviction. They clearly don’t mind endorsing a bit a crime!
What sort of message would that send to the voting public, and criminals alike in this country?
Shoplifting is a huge cost to so many businesses in NZ, and according to Retail NZ the cost to the retailers is estimated to be around $1.3b per year. However the costs don’t stop there, as the overall figure is closer to $2.6b when the costs of crime prevention and well-being costs for staff affected by crime are taken into account. Then you have insurance issues to consider as the more claims that are made usually sees premiums rise. 
Ms Ghahraman was an extremely well paid MP – she was also the Green Party spokesperson for Justice. The role of Justice spokesperson is hardly one for a common thief, and despite the allegations being made, the Green Party let her keep that role until she finally resigned. 
Yesterday’s circus at the Auckland District Court in our view raises a few questions as to how Golriz seems to now get herself a faster day in court, as her next appearance was not until the end of next week. What was the rush? Preferential treatment? 
Spring was at the Court yesterday working on a case of his own, and he says “yesterday the court room I was in was rather chaotic, it was very clear the Judges and staff at the court are extremely overloaded, with many cases being stood down, and a lot of lawyers and their clients standing around for hours waiting to get in front of a Judge, but yet Ms Ghahraman managed to get in early, it kind of feels to me it was all about optics for her so she can say oh as soon as I pleaded guilty I rushed to the court”
But lets back the bus back up a little bit here… Golriz had been snapped back in Wellington in October 2023, and she was continuing to offend on multiple occasions up here in Auckland, the Police knew about her offending, and it was only when we broke the story that the truth about her light fingered ways came to the publics attention.
She did not resign immediately. 
She did not plead guilty immediately. 
Yesterday’s show was just plain old theatrics for sentencing. 
NZ is overrun with crime, the last 6 years of Labour have been a disaster, and now we are expected to believe that a then sitting MP, on close to $200k a year of tax payers cash was stressed out, suffering from mental health issues, so therefore she needs to be let off… the court needs to make sure that thievery of this type will not be tolerated, and ensure that a sentence is given that sends a strong message to the perpetrators of this type of crime. 
A discharge without conviction would allow Golriz to escape being held accountable or responsible for her actions. 
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