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The Greens Continue to Implode

Just what is it with this bunch of self entitled Green Party MPs?
With the Golriz mess coming to a close, now its the explotation of migrants by Green MP, Darleen Tana.
It appears the Green Party leadership attempted to cover up this latest mess – much like they tried to with Ms Ghaharaman.
Once again the Green Party have known about the issues facing Darleen Tana – since Feb 2, 2024. 
Its time for the Green Party to come clean and own up, and give the public transparency via an independent inquiry into the party.
Meanwhile as this latest fiasco unfolds, there is still so many unanswered questions surrounding the Golriz theft.
1. Who was in Scotties with Golriz?
2. Who was driving the car?
3. Who dropped the clothing back to Scotties?
4. Which Green MP contacted the NZ Police and attempted to interfere in the initial investigation?
We wrote to the Green Party head of public relations and suggested that Ms Swarbrick could provide a sworn affidavit or s82 witness statement to clear the air with regard to any of her involvement – to date we have not had a reply to our request. 
More to come… 
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