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Are the Greens Now Just Compost?

What a week in politics for the Green Party. 
Whats becoming apparent is that the so called ‘Green’ party needs a name change as it is completely misleading as to what their politics really are about.
It was not long ago that newly appointed leader Chlöe Swarbrick stated she was going to consolidate her so called ‘movement’. 
The Greens have growing problem, and that is they have a big issue with telling the truth, and making sure they are open and transparent. 
Both the Golriz Ghaharman and Darleen Tana issues clearly show that the leadership of the Greens are more keen on hiding the truth about its MPs, then when caught, they become combative and argumentative. 
On Friday Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Hosking put Chlöe Swarbrick in her place. 
And then Michael Laws put Chlöe Swarbrick in her place. 
It was a bad day on the mike with the Mikes. 
Laws totally eviscerated the Greens and Swarbrick, saying she was a “stupid lying Communist” – which is very accurate. 
Should Darlene Tana get the boot, the next on the list is trans activist Ben Doyle, who has called Posey Parker supporters Nazis, and white supremacists. Is he really the type of person who is deserving to be paid by the tax payer?
In the space of just 3 months, the Greens have turned over 27% of their MPs, dragging in an even worse crew of clowns. 
The growing concern for this country is just where the so called Green Party is attracting its votes from… young females. What on earth are they being taught and told that makes them want to vote for the Green Party?
That leads us to ponder what Labour will do to regain support? 
The Greens savaged the Labour party at the last election, so it looks like Labour have a huge amount of work ahead of them to find a strategy and a new direction. 
The 3rd largest polling party in NZ is attempting to promote itself as revolutionary… its a scary time in the history of NZ. 
More to come….  
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