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Cultural Reports Cont…

Yesterday we published a story about Cultural Reports, and the players, some questionable who are involved. 
After discussions with a senior member of the legal fraternity, it led us to further ponder how this all works.
Our source told us of a case where a Cultural Report was being used, as it was just a cut & paste of another file. 
Halfway through a Judge reading the report, it became obvious that this report had zero bearing on the case at hand as the defendants name was now that of someone else. 
Clearly the report writer had no time to proof read his submissions to the Court for a violent criminal. 
And it’s quite obvious the report writer clearly never interviewed his subject correctly as why the need to ‘cut & paste’?
Here is something to consider … when providing an affidavit to a Court it must be signed, and sworn as true and correct before a lawyer or a JP.
If a Cultural Report is sworn as ‘true and correct’, and allegations have been made in an attempt to substantiate, and or mitigate criminal offending, have these so called report writers actually investigated the allegations made?
If not, surely it’s hearsay?
If so, where are the Police complaints?
Makes you wonder … 
More to come. 
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