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Craigs Investment Director Vs Aged Craigs Chairman

This morning we awoke to the headline at the NZ Herald “Prominent figures oppose plan by Mayor Wayne Brown for long-term lease to operate Port of Auckland”. 
Those figures include Lady Pippa Blake, Sir Stephen Tindall, Chloe Swarbrick (more on her to come later today), Nikki Kaye, and…. Ralph Norris. 
Mostly a bunch of ‘has beens’ attempting to hijack Mayor Brown’s suggestions for the Port of Auckland.  
But here is the fun part, and that is Mark Lister, investment director at Craigs Investment Partners (Norris is the Chairman) liked how Mayor Brown is thinking outside the box to consider how to get more bang for buck out of the council assets to supplement rates increases. The classic progressive V the dinosaur. 
Norris is no stranger to wading into matters when it comes to Auckland Mayors, as he and his wife wrote a letter opposing same sex marriage with then Mayor, Dick Hubbard, and look how that turned out… Hubbards kid had a sex change. 
With all thats happening in the news cycle today with regard to the Fletchers upheaval, perhaps its time for Norris to hang up his boots and realise he is well past his used by date. Mark Lister clearly is open to dialogue and constructive ideas to help the City of Sails. 
No doubt the chat around the water cooler at Craigs between Norris and Lister would be an interesting one.  
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