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Is It Time for Chloe Swarbrick to Resign?

The Green Party are many things … but they are not Green.
Frankly it is a disgrace that they qualify for any sort of public purse funding. 
As readers will know, this site broke the Golriz Ghahraman story with regard to her shoplifting at Scotties Boutique. 
Nobody is buying the Golriz Ghahramen defence nonsense, except maybe a sympathetic Judge. 
As for Darleen Tana and her husband, thats about as low as it gets, exploiting those less fortunate, especially those who are under age. 
James Shaw saw the writing on the wall, and one cant forget the scandal surrounding his CV.
That brings us to Chlöe Swarbrick – the recently anointed co-leader of the ‘Green Movement’ … Swarbrick’s words, not anyone else’s.
But, young Chloe, has a few problems, in that there are so many unanswered questions surrounding her activities in the recent fiascos that have engulfed the Green Party.
Was Chloe Swarbrick the driver of the car outside Scotties Boutique?
Was it Chloe Swarbrick who returned the bulk of the stolen items that Golriz Ghaharaman took from Scotties?
What is the relationship between Chloe Swarbrick and one of the Scotties owners, known Green supporter, Marilyn Sainty?
Why did Chloe Swarbrick attempt to cover up for Golriz Ghahraman?
We know that Chloe Swarbrick has been across the Darlene Tana mess for some time, as that was reported by Steve Killgallon from Stuff over the weekend. Killgallon reported that a former employee (who did not want to be named) had approached Green leader Chloe Swarbrick to offer to talk to her.
That leads us to something far more serious and far more concerning – a source, who is a senior MP has approached us detailing how Ms Swarbrick was involved in an attempt to ‘hush up’ the Golriz Ghahraman story, and wanted to keep it quiet so the public would not find out about her light fingered thievery. 
We wrote to Danny Stevens, who is the Green Party Public Relations liaison, and asked if Ms Swarbrick would sign an affidavit stating that the allegations we put to him were false, and to date we have not had a reply to that request. In our view that is telling. 

According to Stevens, the Green Party has appointed an independent expert workplace investigator and barrister to establish the facts for the Darleen Tana matter… perhaps that investigation should also include the involvement of Chloe Swarbrick, and her roll in the nefarious activities of Green Party MPs. 
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