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Sexual Orientation Meets Road Crossings

Just when you thought NZ could fall no lower into woke crap… we have. 
With an economy in the toilet, and Auckland City near bankrupt, we have the tale of the ‘Rainbow Crossing’ in K Road. 
Overnight it was painted white. 
Was it a racist outburst by white folk due to paint colour? 
It seems the MP for Auckland Central is outraged… yet Chloe Swarbrick does not seem outraged by the shoplifting and immigrant abuse by her peers in the Green Party. 
Nor was she too worried about Shaws dud CV. 
K Road has a reputation of hookers, and some fucking ugly ones at that, it has blokes dressed as sheilas offering 20 buck blow jobs, and that seems to be Chloe’s main interest.
Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says the act was disgraceful, and we agree… but come on, is the best use of rate payers tax painting colourful lines on a road? 
Swarbrick was in touch with authorities according to the NZ Herald … but just not in touch with authorities over Golriz Ghaharaman? 
This is further proof that Swarbirck needs to resign. 
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