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Death at a Rainbow Crossing… Who Will Be Responsible?

Could charges be laid against NZTA and Councils for an injury or death?
What health and safety laws have been considered with regards to dangerously altering parts of busy roads with rainbow crossings?
The INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED black and white crossings are there for a reason, and the NZTA website clearly explains that. 
What about those with blindness disabilities i.e. colourblind, and can see black and white but not colour?
International tourist drivers wouldn’t have a clue what they were supposed to be?
Since they are not a recognised black and white zebra crossing, is a motorist, or a tourist libel if they run people over who walk out in front of them on these rainbow coloured lines?
It’s antagonistic, and it’s unacceptable for the NZTA, who regulate specifications for road safety to deviate from the standard, which is internationally recognised, and the same apples to the Council.
In 2022 there were 33 fatal crashes, 245 serious injury crashes, and 590 minor injury crashes where pedestrians were involved.
In these crashes 34 people walking died, 240 people walking were seriously injured, and 595 people walking suffered minor injuries.
If someone was killed on a ‘street graffiti’ coloured pedestrian crossing it may be worthwhile recognising our health and safety legislation to hold NZTA and Councils accountable.
It seems it is NZTA that have allowed the pedestrian ‘street graffiti’ around New Zealand.
Will the Police prosecute NZTA for DEFACING our roads?
And whatever happened to respecting those with disabilities and blindness?
Once again Chloe Swarbrick is talking a big game, even going as far as saying to those that attempted to rectify the crossing in the dead of night “do you know who you are messing with?”… wow Swarbrick is so gangster. 
Meantime Darlene Tana it seems has been courting issues since 2020 and the Green Party knew about it all this time.
We are also to hear back from the Greens with our suggestion that Swarbrick goes on the formal legal record explaining her actions in the Golriz Ghaharman shoplifting debacle.
To think tax payer funds are used to provide these people with a salary! 
The composting of the Green Party continues.
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