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MSM and Its Lack of Trust

Via Holyhekatuiteka on X 
“The decline in media trust is NEARLY DOUBLE what the MSM is reporting 
MSM are bozos, this we know.
Michael Baker is also a bozo who pumped out wildly inaccurate modelling to scare the country into submission. Baker says MSM is the only source to trust. 
So this makes total sense. 
MSM is are saying the decline in media trust from 53% to 33% is 20 percent . 
Bad news – it’s actually a 38% decline .
It almost would be funny until you realise why they are so despised.
Lying and bullshitting and being or pretending to be DUMB.
Winston Peters after the election called them Mathematical morons for not being able to count seats and for days after the Election, continuing to forecast the result WRONG. 
Baker’s forecasting was plain insane, and he helped to bring this country to its knees”.
The ‘podium of truth’ as it turns out was the podium of horse shit. And the nation seemed to buy it. 
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