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Sir James Wallace and Ardern’s Home Town of Morrinsville

Is this just another hangover from Jacinda Ardern? 
It was NO secret of what Wallace had been up to, his name suppression for a start was one of the worst kept secrets in NZ.
We all knew… the sub plot was something that was a laugh too… a tranny, the attempted arranging of a murder for hire, and the involvement of Michelle Boag.
Back to Ardern’s home town, the sleepy hollow of Morrinsville, where the now ex Sir, just plain old James Wallace had his name on a building. 
The Herald today raised an interesting point that it took far too long for Wallace to be stripped of his Knighthood.
Why did the PM, Chris Hipkns, not step in sooner?
Why did it take Acting PM, Carmel Sepuloni, on June 28, 2023 to finally step in? 
As usual more unanswered questions. 
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