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So Just Who Was the Green Party Member with Golriz at Scotties?

It appears that Sean Plunket from “The Platform” knows who was at Scotties… 
Listen to the audio attached where Plunket remonstrates a caller who wants to know… this audio recording was today – 22 April 2024.
According to Sean Plunket he states to the caller “Frank it was a member of the Green Party organisation in Auckland”.
Prior to that Plunket states “If you had been paying attention Frank you would know exactly who its was, but you have not been paying attention Frank as you are not a professional journalist”.
Below is a the email trail that this site sent to Green Party PR man, Danny Stevens. 
In the response to this blogs legitimate enquiries (as we broke the Golriz shoplifting story), it turns out, based on the statements made on The Platform today, that Danny Stevens lied to us in his reply, as Danny Stevens below on 17 January, 2024 at 9.35am says “It was an anonymous shopper”.
Stevens then goes on to say we have posted baseless allegations… hardly baseless since Ms Ghahraman has pleaded guilty. 
Quite clearly there was NOT an anonymous shopper, but a member of the Green Party with Golriz. 
Did that same member drop some of the clothing back to Scotties? 
But it goes further… as what is obvious, is that the likes of Chloe Swarbrick quite clearly knew/knows exactly who was at Scotties with Ms Ghahraman despite her silence on the matter.
One can’t ignore the fact that for some reason Plunket does not want to tell just who that member of the Green Party is… just as he claims that professional journalists know – if true, clearly MSM are giving this the usual wide birth as well.
Perhaps someone has a crush on the shoplifter. 
As for professional journalists, don’t start us on that when it comes to this matter. 
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