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The Silent Treatment from Kiri Allan Speaks Volumes

On Thursday we broke the story of yet another motor vehicle accident/incident involving the now ex MP, Kiri Allan. Her 3rd in as many years. 
We sent Ms Allan a series of emails with questions, and despite allowing her a generous amount of time to reply from our multiple requests, she has yet to respond at all.
As we all know Ms Allan is due to appear in Court on 22 May 2024 on a raft of driving charges. 
We also know that in 2021 Ms Allan was involed in an accident, prior to her career ending crash in July 2023, which is now before the Courts. 
As at today there are just so many unanswered questions pertaining to her most recent accident in the early hours of last Sunday. 
Our questions to Ms Allan were as follows… 
  1. Was it a rental car you were driving? Is it written off? 
  2. What were the extenuating circumstances to cause you to run off the road? 
  3. One witness said you asked to be rushed to local airport – can you confirm?
  4. I have spoken with the Tow Truck driver, and he confirmed that he assisted in the recovery, and he also confirmed that a local Hiab operator was required to assist in the vehicle recovery – can you confirm?
  5. Given the requirement for a Tow Truck and Hiab, and the comments passed by the Tow Truck driver, the car clearly was well off the road – can you confirm? 
  6. Did the Police attend?
  7. Were you breath tested at the scene?
  8. If the Police did not attend, are they involved in any investigation?
Then a further follow up email with additional questions… 
  1. Further to my questions below, and given the driving offence charges you are currently facing, have you obtained a “Day Licence” from the Court? (Perhaps you are not disqualified)
  2. If so what are the hours of operation of that licence? Usually its a work licence for Monday to Friday during standard business hours.
  3. If you have additional hours available to drive, was that a request by you of the Court? What were the reasons you provided the Court in your request for extended use of a vehicle?
  4. Had you been drinking the night before the 5.30am accident?

Ms Allan once again appears to have her head buried in the sand on her continued issues whilst behind the wheel of a vehicle.

All our questions are straight forward and easy to answer… clearly there is more to this.


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