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Is the Stupidity Rate in NZ on the Decline?

Political polls are fascinating… especially when it comes to the Green Party. 
This site has been busy (like always) canvassing the voting public, talking with our political contacts, and of course getting as much information out to readers as possible.
The story we broke on Golriz was the start… the Green Party still has a lot to answer on Golriz, along with Darlene Tana, and Julie Anne Genter. 
NZ has a long history of stupidity – sad, but very true. 
Now, take the recent dive in the polls for the Green Party. 
The latest Curia poll has the Greens at 10.2% – down a whopping 4.4%.
When one looks at the 10.2% number, thats not the key number, the percentage they have fallen is, and as a percentage of the party vote, its huge. In round numbers the Greens are down about 30%. (MSM dont report it like that).
So that leaves the question… has 4.4% of the population finally reached peak stupidity, and then realised its time to be smart and engage their brains? 
Or, is it that 10.2% of the NZ voting population are still stupid?  
If 10.2% of the voting population still support the Greens, that means we have over 10% of the voting population who are clearly ok with, or endorse, shoplifting, theft, lying, misrepresentation, immigration abuse, bullying, voter fraud, grifting, racism… the list goes on. 
Why does the Green Party remind us of the movie, Dumb and Dumber, with even more dumb people? 
And yet, the tax payers are forced to continue paying this lot a substantial salary.
More to come… 
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