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Has Luxon Created an Even Bigger Monster?

Back on Jan 30th this year we wrote story about the nonsense that was the Jacinda fund called the Christchurch Call. 
We called for it to be shut down, and the tax payers to cease funding it.
Yesterday that happened… well sort of. 
Clearly Winston Peters and David Seymour wanted it gone, and rightly so.
There has been much speculation as to what the funds were really being used for, with most people agreeing it was a ’front’ to cover the huge ongoing security and protection costs for Jacinda Ardern. 
No doubt the Christchurch Call had nobel intentions, but history tells all of us that the people should forever be wary of any government and corporation colluding to decide what information the people can, and cant see. 
To date there have been ZERO achievements made by the Christchurch Call. None whatsoever. 
Yesterday we learned via Christopher Luxon that the Christchurch Call has now become a ‘Foundation’. No doubt for NGOs to fund. 
Sadly, the likely outcome will be a global leftist think tank funded by offshore money – that will be an even greater danger to free speech, censorship and our democracy. 
Despite Jacinda Ardern’s yet to be fully explained hasty exit, NZ voted overwhelmingly to change direction and move away from the dire 6 years we had under her reign. 
To move this ‘Foundation’ to Wellington is just another example that Luxon just cant quite rid us of her infestation into the political landscape. 
Given the damage that Ardern did as PM to the people of NZ, its just another day of not reading the room. 
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