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Shane Jones Calls It as NZ First Save NZ

Dear diary … 
Transparency International meddling again?
NZ First is busy putting NZ back on track.
People should stop whinging about the mining ‘fast track’ … where were the MSM when Labour fast tracked us to oblivion?
Oh that’s right, they sucked on the PIJF tit.
Newsroom have of course written a ‘left wing’ whinge piece about the fast track bill, but as usual they have failed to disclose their own left leaning political agenda.
Jones calls it as he sees it. He just gets it done. 
When questioned on the mining activists Jones is unequivocal … 
Minister Jones says: “These activists are seeking attention – predictable, political screaming from wetland birds.”

Shane Jones is known for his fabulous, and unrelenting oratory skills… something that is lost on so many, but not to many.
Make no mistake, NZ is in dire straits, and NZ First is the best option we have. 
People dine out every night of the week. Shane Jones is no different. Meeting people is part of the job. 
Where was Transparency International during the Jacinda years? 
Where were the media on Jacinda Arderns diary ?
More bullshit from the MSM.
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