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It’s Time for an ICAC in NZ

Corruption. It appears on the face of it, NZ is likely riddled with it. Sad, but true. 
In NSW Australia they have ICAC. 
What is ICAC? 
It’s the “Independent Commission Against Corruption”.
The ICAC is an integrity agency that is responsible for investigating, and eliminating corrupt activities and practices, and is there to enhance the integrity of public administration and government agencies. 
Sadly most government agencies in NZ are self governing and are often never held to account. 
With no less than 12 government agencies reviewing their own conduct into Te Pati Maori, and the Waipāreira Trust, in particular electoral conduct with allegations of vote rigging and fraud, it is clear a truely independent investigating agency is needed in NZ. 
The lack of action by the SFO highlights the need for an additional stand alone agency. 
We believe public sector corruption is rife in NZ, and that is costing the tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars. We are currently investigating a claim of corruption, and hope to reveal those details shortly. 
Australia also has NACC – the National Anti Corruption Commission.
Below is an extract from their website. 

There are 4 types of corrupt conduct under the NACC Act.

A person engages in corrupt conduct if:

  1. they are a public official and they breach public trust
  2. they are a public official and they abuse their office as a public official
  3. they are a public official or former public official and they misuse information they have gained in their capacity as a public official
  4. they do something that adversely affects a public official’s honest or impartial exercise of powers or performance of official duties. (Any person can engage in this type of corrupt conduct, even if they are not a public official themselves.)
Clearly it’s time for NZ to establish its own version of an anti corruption unit to ensure the integrity of public office is upheld. 
Much more to come… 
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