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Guilty Your Honour

Back on 13 March 2024 disgraced shoplifting thief, and former Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, pleaded guilty to a raft of charges for shoplifting. 
She is due to be sentenced on 24 June 2024 for those charges.
With the current Darleen Tana fiasco engulfing the Green Party, media coverage on both Tana and Ghahraman is rather quiet. 
The Ghahraman case is a timely reminder of the growing issues in NZ with regard to theft from long suffering retailers. 
Let’s hope the judiciary ensures the NZ public gets the message that this sort of crime will not be tolerated, and that the appropriate sentence is handed out. 
There are still the unresolved issues with regard to the Green Party, and the NZ Police, as to who was with Ms Ghahraman, who returned some of the clothing to Scotties, and when the NZ Police knew about the thefts. 
MSM will likely not bother to continue the investigation, however through our sources, we most definitely will be.
More to come… 
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