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We Can Smell the Bullshit a Mile Away

Can you ?
Yesterday’s circus that is the dirty thief called Golriz Ghaharman hit town again. 
The part of town was the Auckland District Court where scumbags go to have their day in Court.
A few things consider and ruminate over…
We heard of stress, job problems, war , threats that included rape and murder.
Chilling stuff.
We’ve been given a “reserved decision” so far. Not out of the way but odd nonetheless given the guilty plea.
It should be a slam dunk ?
Alas it’s not. 
We’ve heard about needing security as high as the requirements for Jacinda Ardern.
Scary stuff.
BUT … can anyone tell us the name of anyone that’s been charged in relation to these allegations?
Is anyone before the Courts?
Our sources in Wellington say the security claim is bullshit.
Here is something to think on… if (and we are not saying it’s not true), that Golriz Ghaharman was subjected to threats of violence, then why was she ok to attend protests, and wander the streets unprotected? 
Protests can be violent places, mixing with people you don’t know!
The lies continue to grow.
More to come… 
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