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The Crocodile Tears Start

Recently Golriz Ghahraman became a convicted criminal.
Justice was served. 
Whilst the guilty plea was welcomed, her position was clearly indefensible. 
Given Ms Ghahraman had already cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands, if not millions doing nothing in Parliament, other than taking on personal vanity projects, and not to mention the piss take once she was found to be a shoplifter, at least she did plead guilty.
But back then it was mental health, stress, and some so far unsubstantiated claims of varying threats on her personal safety. That’s a story for another day. 
Now to quote Golriz Ghahraman… 

“Shoplifting felt like ‘proof that you’re broken”

Shoplifting is proof you are a thief. 
Now the media are promoting the ‘woe is me’ fantasy.
Nobody is buying this nonsense.
Ghahraman is nothing more than a convicted criminal. 
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