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Time to Stop Salaries

The Green Party has taught us that taking the piss when it comes to tax payer funded salaries is their specialty.
The current Darleen Tana investigation is an abhorrent abuse of being member of Parliament.
Not only is Darleen Tana being accused, or associated with immigrant abuse, she’s abusing the tax payer by continuing to take her substantial salary. 
We’ve got a few thoughts on this, and one suggestion that this site has submitted to several Ministers is that after 30 days, if no initial findings can be made publicly available then the MP must have their salary and perks suspended pending the conclusion of any investigation.
The current investigation into Darleen Tana is a prime example of a party, The Greens, just simply taking from the long suffering tax payer. 
Accountability is not a strong suit when it comes to the Green Party.
Clearly neither Chloe Swarbrick or Marama Davidson seem to caring about those who have elected them.
More to come on Darleen Tana…
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