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I Am Not Leaving !

Darleen Tana really is a piece of work.
Her husband is a piece of work.
The Greens are a piece of work. 
Todays “Swarbrick show” live on TV was fascinating… it showed she loves the limelight but is weak on leadership. 
Swarbrick and her cohorts have known exactly what Darlene Tana was accused of for months.
Now Swarbrick gives us a self serving speech to sooth her own nerves. 
Tana knows leaving Parliament will see her being totally unemployable, and she knows it. 
Some have suggested to this site that criminal charges could be on the horizon. We can only hope. 
The mess Darlene and the Greens have made create the need to take a very serious look at the structure of our Parliament, and those who are allowed to work in it.
Today Swarbrick made the revelation that Darleen Tana knew of her impending issues prior to making it into Parliament … our view is Tana lied when it came to her full personal and  business disclosure. That should mean immediate expulsion from Parliament.
Now we have a situation where an alleged immigration abuser is continuing to take a massive tax payer funded salary whilst swanning around Parliament doing nothing. 
At 116 days of paid leave, and no further finality to all this, Ms Tana appears happy to dig her toes in. 
The pot of gold at the end of the Darleen Tana rainbow is of course the Greens now have the unenviable task of being mired in a media nightmare and public ridicule – as they say ‘the gift that keeps giving’.
Will Darleen Tana become an Independent MP or jump ship to Te Pati Maori? A waka jump.
The Green Party has so much to lose.
More to come …
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