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Marc's Blog

Just Truth, Facts and My Opinions, but no Fantasy or Conspiracy Theories.


Michael Baker; Dork

Remember this idiot?  He was one of Jacinda Arderns circus clowns.  Just yesterday he attempted to become relevant again … by opening

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Blomfield Child Sex Scandal

It’s a story no one else has been willing to tell – until now. TODAY WE expose the child sex scandal which has brought untold shame on the Blomfield family name.

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The Hard Truth about David Fisher

The Trials, the Tribulations, the Torment. One Man Has Had a Box Seat through It All. But as a Journalist, Sometimes Getting Too Close Can Distort How You See Things When They’re in Plain Sight

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The ‘REAL OIL’ on The Book Called WHALE OIL

Today we embark on a journey to right a few wrongs and more importantly set the record straight – once and for all. It’s a shameful record, as you will quickly discover, of lies, half-truths and misinformation peddled by a compliant news media. Here at, there’ll be none of that nonsense, as Marc outlines below.

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