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Just Truth, Facts and My Opinions, but no Fantasy or Conspiracy Theories.


Michael Baker; Dork

Remember this idiot?  He was one of Jacinda Arderns circus clowns.  Just yesterday he attempted to become relevant again … by opening

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Blomfield Child Sex Scandal

It’s a story no one else has been willing to tell – until now. TODAY WE expose the child sex scandal which has brought untold shame on the Blomfield family name.

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The Hard Truth about David Fisher

The Trials, the Tribulations, the Torment. One Man Has Had a Box Seat through It All. But as a Journalist, Sometimes Getting Too Close Can Distort How You See Things When They’re in Plain Sight

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Matt, Mark and the Mob: Part Three

If you’re looking for the devil, you’ll almost always find him in the detail.
So let’s talk detail.
Today in part three of Matt, Mark and the Mob, we shift our focus to the detail of Blomfield’s account of the events leading up to, and after the 2014 murder-for-hire plot.
We have questions. You’ll have them too, especially when you strip back the layers and examine why people behaved the way they did that night.

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Matt, Mark and the Mob: Part Two

Today in part two of ‘Matt, Mark and the Mob’, we venture into enemy territory. It’s the world of Matt Blomfield – kinky, kooky and yes sometimes spooky.
We want to examine in detail Blomfield’s drama-filled account of the events immediately after the murder-for-hire plot back in 2014.

We will introduce you to our colourful cast of characters. There’s the Pissed Off Panther, The angry Whale. A bunch of apparently misunderstood mobster, A gunman who may just have fired his last shot, and a man by the name of Matt who was so important to the story he cast himself in two roles – Hero and Victim.

It’s a gripping story, but should we belIeve any of it?, especially with so many unanswered questions years after the attack?

Is there possibly something more to this – something more sinister…perhaps as nothing really ads up.

Today we continue searching for those answers.

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Matt, Mark and the Mob: The True Story

The Panther has pounced,  ripping to shreds Matt Blomfield and his whale of a story about the night he met the Mob. When Matthew Blomfield was attacked at his Greenhithe home by a lone gunman back in 2014, he went looking for answers through the most unconventional channels. Blomfield decided he couldn’t rely on the police To do their job so cast himself in the role of a vigilante private eye – and conjured up a story that right from the get go didn’t quite ring true.
Today in this special TWO PART report we sift through the BS to find out the real story

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Why Margie?

In the world of investigative journalism, the name Margie Thomson has many similarities, one might say, to an old Ben Lummis album. You don’t see it anywhere.
Three years ago that all changed when she was commissioned to author the book Whaleoil. It was one of the messiest high-profile sagas of recent years. So, why was the book claiming to be the definitive account of this drama put in the hands of a novice?

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