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More Green Party Bullshit

As if James Shaw’s nonsense was not enough on Jack Tame’s Q+A, we have to keep paying tax payer cash to the losers in the Green Party.
2 – 4 weeks for an internal party investigation, but now it’s nearly 7 weeks … tax payer cash for Darlene’s wages still being pissed away.

As for Danny Stevens … don’t forget I told NZ about Golriz.

From: Marc Spring
Date: 28 April 2024 at 05:13:12 NZST
To: Danny Stevens
Subject: Darlene Tana

Good morning Danny,

Do we have an update on the disgraceful conduct of Darlene Tana?

I am wanting to publish a story at 1030am this morning on the matter.

You will see the comment below of Green Party Co-Leader, Marama Davidson saying it’s expected to be a 2-4 week process … it’s been 7 weeks.

Have all the creditors been paid?

Have the workers been paid?

Is IRD up to date with payments of PAYE, GST, KiwiSaver?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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