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Just Truth, Facts and My Opinions, but no Fantasy or Conspiracy Theories.



Via the Washington Examiner  Former (and next) President Donald Trump has completely rewritten his convention speech in light of the assassination

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STFU Chris

With the world laughing daily at the leader of the free world, Joe Biden, it now appears our own hopeless

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Why Margie?

In the world of investigative journalism, the name Margie Thomson has many similarities, one might say, to an old Ben Lummis album. You don’t see it anywhere.
Three years ago that all changed when she was commissioned to author the book Whaleoil. It was one of the messiest high-profile sagas of recent years. So, why was the book claiming to be the definitive account of this drama put in the hands of a novice?

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The ‘REAL OIL’ on The Book Called WHALE OIL

Today we embark on a journey to right a few wrongs and more importantly set the record straight – once and for all. It’s a shameful record, as you will quickly discover, of lies, half-truths and misinformation peddled by a compliant news media. Here at, there’ll be none of that nonsense, as Marc outlines below.

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