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Will the Cass Report Have an Impact Here?

Some NZ Politicians will not survive the exposure of the Trans Cult. Careers are about to end.

The Transgender agenda has been exposed as nothing more than an elaborate propaganda exercise with the release of the most extensive report to date.

After four years of  research  Dr Hilary Cass ( OBE Honorary Paediatrician Physician) has released to the world her watershed investigation.

This comes just weeks after The World Professional Association for Trans Health (WPATH) has seen 70% of its membership evaporate in just 2 months as members flee to escape the ensuing (emphasis on suing) reputational  risk.

This monumental exposure  begs the question, how did a lobby group that originated from a social media chat group between trans activists become the ultimate global authority on Gender affirming care?
The answer partly  lies in a hard leftist movement that recognises the Trans cult as a tool in the destruction of the traditional family, which in turn they believe will assist in bringing a social marxist revolution. It also speaks to the truly astonishing influence Big Pharma has over compromised and weak minded  politicians. There are cases overseas where medical professionals who did speak out were silenced and lost their registration. Locally there are anecdotes from our Doctors who have experienced threats against their employment. These anecdotes will surely turn into substantial statements as the Trans movement continues to lose its asbestos cloak.
The NZ Government has delayed the release of the MOH’s response to the Cass Report for the second time, obviously in panic mode they will be busy rewriting the report as a result of the public reaction worldwide.
The Government is complicit, it has overseen the introduction of dangerous and damaging medical procedures on our children.
The Professional Association of Trans Health Aotearoa
  (PATHA) is NZ the version of WPATH, is a group of Transgender Activists who mostly are Trans themselves. PATHA is led by Jaimie Veale, a Trans woman who is also on the International executive board of WPATH. Veale was a significant player in the formulation of pro ‘Transing’ legislation, the Anti conversion bill (which was really about converting children to Transition) and the self sex gender ID Bill ( the ability to change your birth certificate to match your “feelings”). Patha just this week have removed all their executive board members and staff pictures and profiles from their website. They know what is about to come.
This person Veale  has woven his tentacles into the very inner workings of our public policy and health institutions.
Mental Health, Associate Health and Youth Minister Matt Doocey along with Megan Woods just days ago  was still pushing PATHA disinformation on NewstalkZB.
Doocey who once worked at the disgraced Tavistock Clinic in the UK has shown himself to be completely ideologically captured by the Trans Cult, even remarking in the house he is looking forward to his own young children “choosing their gender” and sexuality.
In September 2022 , in a speech in Tauranga, Winston Peters said :
“ Too many academics  are obsessed with class , race  and gender . Gender Ideology is filtering into our schools, You watch, in years to come countless future court cases
taken by young children and teens who were never given the chance and the  time to mature and make the decision themselves… It’s criminal someone  has to stand  for them” 
Read into what he is saying, cultural Marxists have taken control of our institutions.
Well before  the Cass Report was even released plenty of credible research  warning about the use of puberty blockers had been released. This led to nearly a dozen countries moving to ban puberty blockers. The UK has been the latest country to do so.
 Why did the MOH and the Politicians take so long to act? Why are the politicians still avoiding the subject and continue to perpetrate debunked tropes.?
Both Act and National have supported the “affirmation of gender” of our children. Act voted enthusiastically for all the pro trans legislation, as did most of National and Luxon himself.
How come the last and present Government, our bureaucrats, and Health departments didn’t know we were harming children when Winston Peters did?
How come they didn’t listen to countless individuals  with common sense, how come they allowed women to be  mobbed by violent baying Trans maniacs at an event in Albert Park one day in March last year just for saying NO to the Trans insanity.
The rot is deep, and the  day of judgement is coming.
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