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Cocaine and Hookers My Friend

What a headline! 
It has you all saying “who is on the bags and who is on the shags”… 
But it has absolutely nothing to do with this story … but it is what the so called MSM have resorted to when grabbing headlines. 
Now, we want to make sure that our readers think very carefully about the NZ media, the MSM.
Here is why – our view (we don’t care what anyone else thinks), is that the good investigative journalists have been hijacked by repeaters who are not real journalists. 
The blurring of this is the true sad state of affairs within the current media company crisis. 
Hack BS has dogged those who provide investigative stories that matter, that count, that bring ad revenue. 
Ad revenue is a huge part, likely how almost all of the media organisation pay their bills. 
For the last few years we have seen ad revenue fall, and its just all to convenient to keep saying “oh its not our fault”.
Business 101 – talk to your customers. Get your heads out of your ass. 
Sure, we have the high paid presenters on these MSM sites, but where is the business strategy, and the continued revision of the business model moving forward?
Evolution is not a word the MSM in NZ comprehends.  
Ad revenue has been falling for so many, if not all. Has anyone honestly asked why? 
It seems to us that its because the advertisers are completely dissatisfied with what they have pumped their hard earned cash into.
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