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The Ardern Legacy Lingers for MSM

The turmoil and upheaval with the MSM has reached the point of no return for so many media organisations.
The term “go woke go broke” is one that just wont die. 
Now that it is a reality we prefer “went woke went broke”. 
Yesterday Newshub conceded that it was all over, but we already knew that. The last 6 weeks or so have just been mascinations to find a final resting place. 
We endured the “podium of truth”, and the by-line of “your one source of truth”.
We had “Jessica, Tova”, or “Tova, then Jessica”. 
But now, is what often happens with the passage of time, it was for the most part just a whole load of shit. 
The Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF) was just one part of tax payers cash that flowed to so many in the MSM. The other cash windfall for the willing participants was the never ending daily media campaigns and digital advertising pushing the then Labour governments Covid agenda. That ad spend was worth millions, and millions, which cost the now long suffering tax payer millions and millions and millions. 
Some say that Jacinda nearly pulled it off… that was using the media and tax payers funds to place the media into a position where she had control.
Ardern then out the blue bailed on everyone. That is a question that is yet to be fully answered, but she clearly knew she had lost the room. The MSM had not realised what was about to unfold. 
Her legacy is now so many broke media businesses who relied on the tax payers funding Jacindas advertising budget.  Not Jacindas money, not Labours money, but our money. 
More to come as the Royal Commission delves into what happened to the MSM in NZ. 
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