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Just Remember When You Read This Blog You Read the Truth

Marc Spring
This Site Is About The Real Deal
The feedback has been unprecedented on this site. The stories that are up on this site expose a very sinister and sick pattern of deliberate falsehoods. 
Lets BE VERY CLEAR here – we run this site like a media outlet, we have written to so many people, asking for comment, asking for evidence to back the defamatory nature of what people have said. 
To date nobody has replied, nobody has supplied any evidence to back up their stories that have been promoted about Marc Spring. Its all defamatory crap. 
Your NZ is no longer. That site has been removed from the internet after Spring wrote to Pete George asking him for his evidence…. He clearly had none. 
Spring has been successful in his 2 defamation claims, with substantial damages being award to him either by court judgement, or by way of out of court settlements. 
Remember, nobody settles if they have done nothing wrong. 
Happy Easter. 
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