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Grant Robertson and His Instagram

The Official Information Request (OIA) Does Not Lie
For the record, Yung & Hung is NOT an accountancy firm in the Philippines. We have checked.
Attached to this story is 3 pieces of information.
1, The OIA reply from Grant Robertsons office.

2. A screen shot from Grant Robertson’s Instagram account showing it’s an authorised account in his name.

3. A screen grab showing the account in the Philippines he was following.

So just what is “Cute boys of the Philippines?”
Well that is simple, its an Instagram account with risqué pics of what appears to be young boys. Now before you go silly, the age of those kids in the images has not been verified, but to an average person they appear to be rather young. 
Clearly it raises some questions about what the Finance Minister of NZ, Grant Robertson is viewing in his spare time, or even more concerning, while conducting business on behalf of the NZ tax payers. 
The MSM in NZ have chosen to ignore this story, but yet they with glee report on other similar stories. So surely if our main stream media was reporting in a fair, and balanced manner, then this story should have been news.
But, as we know since this current Labour government pumped plenty of tax payers cash into the failing NZ media entities to spread the Covid message, they seem to have also purchased some silence, and bought favour. 
The response letter from Grant Robertson is interesting, and concerning – Robertson says the Instagram account is not held in his ‘Ministerial’ capacity, so therefore its not subject to the Official Information Act 1982. So what we know is that is his personal account. WOW. 
Yet, when you check out the Instagram account ‘bio’ of grantrobertsonmp you can that its authorised by Rob Salmond, 187 Featherston Street, WGTN, with a further address of 220 Wilis Street, Wellington, New Zealand.
So why is Rob Salmond authorising a private account? 
A quick check of Grant Robertson’s instagram account shows he deleted the ‘cute boys of Philippines’ page. 
What we know is that Robertson has since deleted following that particular page, but that does excuse the fact he was looking, nor has he given a plausible answer as to why he was. 
This site thought that the reply would be to blame a staffer who has access to his Instagram, but that has not happened either. 
Perhaps thats why Robertson is not standing in an electorate, he’s happy to be way down the list. 
Let’s hope Grant Robertson MP is not offered a Knighthood. 
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