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Will Gerry Brownlee Do NZ a Solid?

With Julie Anne Genter now to appear before the Privileges Committee, and the never ending behavioural issues that plague the Green Party, Brownlee has a unique opportunity put the Greens back in their place, and show the voting public that MPs will be held to a high standard.
Genter, as we’ve learned has abused a member of the public in a local florist, and she had the nerve to use the excuse of a friend of hers was dying. That is no excuse. 
Another issue that appears to have slipped through the cracks is Genters husband being awarded tax pay funds for his business without a proper tender process being used.
“The NZTU can reveal that in the last year the Government has paid $356,466.61 to the consultancy firm of Peter Nunns – the partner of Associate Transport Julie Anne Genter, without a single open tender process.
The firm is MRCagney – for which Mr Nunns is principal economist.”
It’s time for accountability for the Green Party as it appears to be a continuing train wreck at the tax payers expense. 
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