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Kiri Allan Crashes Again…

After a tip today this site has been busy following up the leads on another now ex MP having issues, namely Kiri Allan. 
Ms Allan is of course no stranger to crashing motor vehicles, as she is currently before the Courts on various charges. 
At about 5.30am on Sunday morning (5 May 2024), Ms Allan was found with her rental car off the main highway in Cable Bay, Northland.
Ms Allan needed the assistance of both a tow truck and a hiab truck to remove the rental car from its crashed predicament. 
We have spoken with residents of Taipa Bay, as well as the tow truck driver from Doubtless Bay Towing and Panel.   
This site has contacted Kiri Allan with a series of questions, and at the time of publishing we have yet to receive a reply. 
More to come… 
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