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Our Next Lame Dame

Once Again The Kings Honours List Proved Its A Pathetic Joke.
The sycophants were out in force over the Kings Birthday weekend celebrating their idol Jacinda Arderns latest gong.
Sadly, the mystique and the integrity of receiving such an award in New Zealand has been for years, simply a thing of the past.
Being a Sir or a Dame is something to be proud of, to be celebrated, as those who receive such recognition truly, and genuinely deserve it. 
Ardern took the Damehood in short order after she only stood down 6 months ago. 
Her legacy wont be one to remember for her wins, but it will be all about her failures.
In many ways we have yet to see the fulfilment of how badly she destroyed NZ. That is still years in the making as we slowly see this once great country head towards 3rd world status.
The acceptance by Ardern of the Damehood is just further proof that she has no idea of the consequences of her actions.
But it must not be forgotten that Ardern will not be to concerned about the voting public in little old NZ , but she will see it as vindication for what she did to NZ on the global stage. After all who gets a Damehood for destroying a country. 
Its no secret that Ardern said we will become republic in her lifetime as thats been widely reported globally… so if she is thinking this, then why take a gong for something she clearly does not believe in? The answer is simple, she will grab what ever she can.
John Key in our view lost the room yesterday when he said that becoming an Sir or a Dame for an ex Prime Minister was quote “a right of passage”.
Lets see how that right of passage works out for the current PM, Chris Hipkins, as on 1 May 2023 Hipkins was quoted as saying he is favour of NZ becoming a republic.
At least we know Hipkins will be the first NZ PM to decline becoming Sir. 
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